Working at Relic Wood

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My name is Maynard I’ve recently been hired at Relic Wood and have been working here for the past for 3 months. I have been a wood working craftsman for 15 years.  I was recently asked by the owner what makes Relic Wood special. It didn’t take long to realize two major aspects of the company. The first is what it has meant to me in my personal search for a meaningful career. The second is the sentimental value these custom boxes have to our customers.

In my own life Relic Wood has given me a place to work, and where I can be proud of my work. For years I worked in a place that was solely based on profit. The product we made, served a single use and was thrown away. It gave me no satisfaction. On the flip side of that, the boxes we make are full of pride and I’m happy to build each one of them. The things I make here are heirloom products, that will be passed down thru generations. We here at Relic Wood are dedicated to being a local first company, and use local materials to build our products, another source of pride. When we use our made in the USA logo, please understand everything is completely made by hand by hard working Americans.  You can trust that our product is of good quality, and packaged well to prevent damage when it reaches our customer.

personalized-custom-gifts-weddingThis brings me to my second source of pride, our customers. The boxes and  trunks that we make for custom orders mean so much to the people ordering them. People trust us with some of their personal feelings, and I work even harder to provide them the best quality I can. From weddings, to babies being born, and even death, we see it all on the boxes we make. That enables me to view the customer as a person not just another customer. Therefore, when I read the quotes and look at the pictures, I can get a glimpse into their life and that makes me put a little more time and effort into making these people happy. The best feeling I have had since starting here was, on my ride home one day.  We received  a testimonial e-mail saying how proud she was to put her fathers ashes in her box. She informed us that he fought his whole life for workers right and keeping jobs in America. She said we were the kind of company he believed in and fought for. That to me is priceless!

As a person who works here I can honestly say that this company believes one hundred percent in making a quality product and taking care of their customers. I look forward to making your custom box for you.