What makes our boxes unique?

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Hi everyone, it’s Maynard, back with another blog. This time I’m  here to talk about what makes our boxes special and unique. From the many different artwork meanings on the boxes, to box choices we offer.

I have seen many different meaningful photos and artwork come across my building table. I can’t help but take, at least, a second to look at the picture.  This helps me to get an idea of the person for whom the box is intended. When I look at the picture of a mom and dad holding their new baby , it puts me in their shoes. So i build the box as if it were my children on it. I see military service men and women, ready to retire, with keepsake boxes decked out. Flag holders, coin holders, felted lid tops for medals, and a custom tray complete a retiree’s keepsake box. To see all this go into one box makes me feel like this veteran is well deserving of my respect, and deserve nothing but the best from me and our crew. We have also built marriage, anniversary, hobbyist, and sports themed boxes.

The keepsake box is probably our most popular style box, but not our only style. We range from wooden signs to trunks. The wooden sign is a unique idea to break away from the traditional framed idea of wall decor. Our smallest is the medium box, which I have seen many people use for new born memorabilia. Our largest is our trunk. A nice sturdy relic looking trunk, with artwork on the front and inside lid. We also offer the keepsake, large memory, front hinged, ammo box, shooters box, and storage box. All of which I hope you will check out. It’s exciting times here at Relic Wood, and as always, I hope to build your box soon.