Relic Wood LLC implements a wide variety of quality standards to guarantee a sturdy and reliable product.

Due to the natural variance in the wood used in manufacturing (grain structure, small cracks, and/or shade), subtle differences in the final color of the product may occur. This is not considered a defect but rather brings out the natural beauty of the wood itself.

We also incorporate a unique process during manufacturing to physically distress each product. You will notice “small dents” in the wood that are not uniform. This is part of our manufacturing process and provides our classic vintage look. This is all done by hand, and no two products we create are the exact same. If one of the many ways we make sure that your purchase is a “One of a Kind”.

Please remember to only use the product photos as a reference. Due to variations in the way computer monitors display color and the limitations of web colors, the actual color of the product may not match what your monitor displays.

If you feel you have received a defective product, please fill out the warranty claim form below within 10 days of receipt.

Only claim forms with pictures of the product will be considered for refund or exchange at our discretion.

Warranty Claim Form