Thank you for such a great memorial.

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Testimonial by Terresa Elya – The K9 memorial box was for my husbands MWD, Sheila, that got to retire & come home to live with us four years ago. She was the sweetest dog you would have ever had the pleasure to meet. She quickly knew she was retired and became my shadow, which always made him laugh because she would only listen to me after she retired. (of course it helps knowing that I spent every day at home with our dogs, so they see me the most). I know when Pete first saw the box he was amazed at how perfect of a tribute this was for her. I cried a lot just to be honest because she only deserves the best & this memorial box definitely is the best thing we could do to show her how much she meant to us as a family. She saved his life while deployed and made sure he always made it home safe, so there’s nothing we wouldn’t have done for her. Also, we’re stationed in Germany and I was so happy to see that we got the box within about 2 weeks from our order date, which was so nice since shipping over here usually takes a long time. Thank you for such a great memorial to our amazing, sweet Sheila.