Testimonial by Mavis Simecek – I received the Navy Keepsake Footlocker. It is a Christmas gift for my husband to keep his military papers safe. The construction and appearance of the box is really unique and beautiful. I’m very satisfied with my choice and your work. Thanks Mavis, We hope your husband loves his Footlocker.  Thank you
Testimonial by Gemini King, US Army Retired –  “My wife ordered me the Army Retirement Trunk with a custom tray as a retirement gift. Micah worked with her to get the order exactly how we wanted it. We uploaded a picture for all of the awards, medals, patches, rank, etc. and Drew perfectly placed it all.
Let’s face it, after a while looking at that tired old shadowbox hanging on the wall, serving no purpose whatsoever, can get on your nerves. After you’ve been to so many retirement ceremonies and watched so many retirees give a ho-hum response to getting one of those, it gets old quick. That is why we have developed