Testimonial by Margaret Jones – I requested my keepsake footlocker for my retirement ceremony on 14 April 2018. The artwork I submitted was approved within two days and the Project Manager made sure I was happy with what she was going to do. She also told me when to expect my box and it was shipped on
Testimonial by Kari Williamson – I had this footlocker shipped to my son….he waited until I got in town to open it. I was very pleased with this item as was my son. The wood is beautiful and has a nice wood smell to it……I love the smell of wood. Made very good, good quality, the inside

I loved the USAF box

Testimonial by Keith Bittle – I loved the USAF box I got. The shipping was amazing. It was here almost before I checked my email again to check on it. Keith, We would like to thank you for your service.  Thank you for letting us know how much you enjoy your box. Interested in our Air Force
Testimonial by Laura Patz – Absolutely gorgeous wooden box for my upcoming retirement of 27 years in USAF. Everything I submitted and details were added to the lid, cover, tray and outside inside. Impressed when it arrived and recommended the company to my friends! Laura, Thank you for your service and Congratulations on your Retirement.  We appreciate
Testimonial by Rick Folkerts – I love the way this came together. The designer nailed exactly what I was hoping for. Love the exterior and interior of the box and coin tray. I was updated regularly about where the item was in the process and was notified quickly once it shipped. The box arrived within 2 days

She had a smile from ear to ear.

Testimonial by Julia Tyrone – I ordered a US Air Force Keepsake Footlocker for my niece who has just joined. I gave her a preview of the item after purchasing it and she was already in love with it. When she actually received the box she had a smile from ear to ear. Definitely a happy moment
Testimonial by Trevor Kay – I was speechless. It was beautifully crafted and seems like it will stand the test of time and be a great relic to pass down. Trevor, We are so happy that you love your box.  We make sure our boxes are made to be passed down for generations. Interested in our Air
Testimonial by Theresa Chamberlin – We ordered the In Stock Air Force Keepsake Footlocker for my son – and it is beautiful! The minute you open the box you can tell it is excellent quality and craftsmanship. The box was packed carefully and arrived in perfect condition. I purchased this to store my sons letters, photos, and
Testimonial by Lynn Eagle – Very impressed with the product; it was beautiful.  I chose this item for my husband’s Air Force retirement because it was beautiful, simple, and different from the same ole same ole shadowboxes that everyone normally gets. It was shipped and received in a timely manner and all information regarding my order was
Testimonial by Susan Donato – Beautiful! It will be the perfect gift! Susan, We would like to say Thank you to the recipient of the gift for their many years of service with the US Air Force.  They deserve the best! Interested in a Custom Military Keepsake Box?  Click Here
Testimonial by Robert Flack – I ordered the stock Air Force box for a friend and was shocked by how fast it made it an APO. I love the quality and thrilled with the order. I wish I would have known about this company when I retired from the Air Force because I would have ditched
Testimonial by Michelle Stone – Breathtaking!! I cannot explain how perfect the Shadowbox was. I had this idea in my head, worked with the amazing designers, and they were able to translate exactly what I wanted. I cannot wait to show it off at my retirement ceremony! Michelle, We would like to say Congratulations on your Retirement.
Testimonial by Katina O’Neal – I received the Air Force Keepsake Footlocker and was so impressed. The level of craftsmanship, customer service & timeliness of delivery was perfect!! Thank you! Katina, We are so have you had such a good experience with ordering and receiving your order.   Interested in a Air Force Keepsake Footlocker? Click Here
Testimonial by Betty Wheeler – I thought it was the most Amazing Box I’ve ever seen! I ordered custom Military Retirement Box for my husband who’s currently overseas. When he retires in November, he will have 37 years + in Navy and Air Force. I wanted a box that depicted both of his military careers. There
Testimonial by Miguel Rodriguez – Wow! Well made and great product. Miguel, We thank you for your order and we are happy you are pleased with your Custom Large Keepsake Box. Interested in a Custom Large Keepsake Box? Click Here
Testimonial by Lea Puett – I love it! Perfect gift for my nephew who is graduating from the Air Force Academy. The quality is awesome & I received it within a week of ordering. Highly recommend & have told all my friends. Lea, We would like to say Congratulations to your nephew for graduating from the Air
Testimonial by Jennifer Johnson – I could not have found a more perfect retirement gift for my husband. After 25 years in the Air Force I wanted to surprise him with a gift that I had not seen. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for the prompt response to questions