Spotlight on Oath Keepers Organization

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oath-keepers-ammunition-box-woodEvery once in awhile we like to spotlight and introduce organizations that truly deserve the attention to their patriotic cause. We have been watching the Oath Keepers organization for quite some time and wanted to share some information about their cause. Every US soldier, policeman, first responder, and elected official take the oath to support and defend the US Constitution. In today’s world it sometimes seems that many take that Oath without even reading the founding document they have sworn to protect. Their actions speak much louder than words.

Learn more about the Oath Keepers Organization here.

As a veteran owned American family business, we proudly support the Oath Keepers and their ongoing mission to educate every Oath taker about this responsibility and to rally these individuals to honor their Oath to the US Constitution. Oath Keepers first act upon forming the organization in 2009 was to issue their Declaration of Orders We (active duty Oath Keepers) Will Not Obey.

After looking at the orders they will not obey with much thought, we have found that those orders are in direct violation of the US Constitution and would violate their Oath and weaken our great country.  “I was just following orders” will never be an acceptable excuse for directly violating the US Constitution. Not on their watch!

We have reached out to the Oath Keepers organization recently by designing an American Made Ammo Box featuring the Oath Keepers emblem shown below. We are producing a sample to send them and with any luck they will decide to make them available in their store in the near future, or they may let us offer them on our site with a portion of the proceeds going to their important cause. We will keep you posted.

In the meantime, starting next week we will be including a pocket Constitution with every order that ships out from Relic Wood LLC to help raise awareness about the rights granted to us not by government, but endowed by our creator. We read it for the Articles!