It is simply one of the finest pieces I have seen.

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Testimonial by James Pomajzl – The Relic Wood product I had ordered was a gift for our son in the Coast Guard. He has reached his 20th year in September and my wife and I wanted to get him something special. The only thing we could go on is the pictures of your products. It took us awhile to come to an agreement as to which box we would get. Then we had to decide what we wanted on the box. Again this was all sight unseen and made us nervous. When we told our son that we were getting him a Footlocker for his anniversary he was kind of worried what he would be getting. When it did arrive he immediately took pictures of it and posted them on Instagram because it was way more than he expected. He could not thank us enough for the gift. I did see pictures of it and it is simply one of the finest pieces I have seen. Thank you so much for your products.


We would like to Thank your son for his service and it was an honor make his box for him.  We are so happy that your son loves his box.  He deserves something very special.  Thank you for your order.

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