Say I Love You

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Our custom wooden boxes offer the perfect way the say “I Love You!”  Show that special someone just how much you care and give them a gift they will cherish forever! Want to make an impression, fill it with love letters, photos, flower petals or fun vacation plans!

Here are some great ideas to get started. Putting special photos of precious moments in time will create the perfect box. The person who receives it  will know that you put meaning into the gift. The most important image is nice to have on the lid of the box. Maybe a photo of you together! On the front, we suggest simple meaningful text. On the inside, ad a collage of photos or a picture of a place that is special. If the box offers other places for art, like a tray, you could include a quote or “your song” in text! Get creative, think outside the box and give a gift with meaning!

Click Here to create your own special box for the person you love the most!