About Our Company

Veteran Owned & Operated – An American Family Business

In the Shadows of the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains, each and every Relic Wood product is handcrafted by skilled and experienced woodworkers from our local community. We take great pride in creating our vintage products utilizing time-honored techniques. We are also a veteran owned & operated family business. Treating every customer with integrity and respect is our cornerstone and our gauge for success. We believe we should EARN your business.

We have a passion for the vintage style.

Hands on is how we approach crafting our wooden boxes. Every item we make, from assembly all the way to packaging and shipping, is meticulously done by hand. Our people know that each gift we build is meant to be a conversation piece, and will have great sentimental value to it’s recipient. Meaningful employment drives our team to build quality products one at a time, just for you.

Relic Wood also offers completely custom military retirement keepsake shadow boxes that are known for being the centerpiece at any military retirement ceremony. Each custom order is assigned to one of our talented graphic designers who will assist our customers until the artwork is approved and the order is sent to production. From there, it is handcrafted just for them.

The result is something completely unique . . . something you will never find in any box store!

Relic-Wood-LLC-building2Handcrafted means: cut and assembled by hand, physically distressed by hand, hand rubbed during the staining process, sanded by hand, sealed by hand, lacquered by hand, hardware installed by hand, and completed with brass nameplates, brass plaques, felt shadow boxes, flag holders, challenge coin holders that are also by installed by hand. Packaging & Shipping . . . you guessed it, by hand.madeinnc

Sorry robots, don’t take it personal. 

Being hand made insures each & every wooden box we make is different. No two are exactly alike and that is a distinct characteristic you will find with every Relic Wood box. 

Whether it is a family heirloom, conversation piece, or a celebration of Police, Fire, EMT, or Military Service, and every single one is built by hand with pride in American woodworking craftsmanship.



Meet the people responsible for your orders. .  .


Micah Breden

Founder / Owner

Melissa Breden

General Manager

Rosie Breden

Graphic Design Manager

Maynard Eaker

Production Manager

Tiffanie Lackey

Graphic Design / Laser Operator

Jaylin Matthews

Quality Control / Shipping

Jessica Sumpter

Quality Control / Shipping

Coty Barlowe

Finishing Expert

Warren Breden

Woodworking Craftsman

Tim Spelce

Woodworking Craftsman

John Ford

Woodworking Craftsman

Matt Breden

Programming Consultant

Relic Wood is a Veteran owned American Family business that is committed to serving others throughout the United States. The principle of charity and the brotherhood of man helping each other out. Especially in times of need.

In the Local Community.

Relic Wood is known for providing meaningful employment, supporting local businesses, as well as coaching and sponsorship of recreational sports teams locally. In the spring and fall, you will find our President Mr. Micah Breden out on the soccer field engaging young minds and teaching fundamental skills and more importantly leadership, and sportsmanship.


In the State of North Carolina.

With strategic forethought, we sponsor several heartwarming individuals and charities. Near and dear to our hearts are those committed to improving the quality of life for people who are paraplegics.

Cycle to the Sea is a unique ride that raises funds and awareness for the Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program (ASAP) at Carolinas HealthCare System's Carolinas Rehabilitation. This bike ride is held every year and involves athletes with physical disabilities who cycle on handcycles and/or tandem bikes. Each rider must obtain individual pledges in order to participate.


In the United States.

We have partnered with many worthwhile non-profit organizations to provide fundraising donations for Silent Aution Events.

In our business, we make many custom gifts for individuals whose life's work have been in the service of others. Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT's, and Military Veterans trust us to make incredible gifts to commemorate their service. To recognize genuinely Heroic Actions across our great nation, Relic Wood created the "Daniel Gaskey Heroic Action Award". Every month, we accept nominations for this award.  Our selection committee chooses the winner based on the heroic action story that truly inspires them the most. Once selected, we create a one of a kind hand made keepsake box meant to be passed down generations.