Recently Completed Favorites!

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Here are some of our favorites that have recently been completed that we wanted to show off. Each one of these beautiful wooden gifts was handmade specifically for the person who ordered. You’ll notice that one of these is a Santa Claus magical keepsake box.

Hmmm…. Christmas coming already? Yes!

Now is a good time to have Christmas on the brain if you’re planning on getting a custom gift handmade for you. As you can imagine things get pretty crazy around here starting right about now and the elves end up working overtime right up to Christmas.

Our handmade custom gifts ship in 3 to 5 weeks . . . So if you ordered one and it shipped in five weeks from right now it would ship on November 9 at a maximum on our shipping window. Currently, we are getting boxes out in 3 to 4 weeks but that will change depending on the volume of orders that come in.

We just wanted you to keep that in the forefront of your brain and let you know that “NO”,  it is not too early to be thinking about buying personalized Christmas gifts. Especially ours! If you want it in your hands for Christmas please order early. 🙂

Our favorite recently completed custom wood gifts! Click on an image . . .