American Made – The way it is supposed to be . . .

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Growing up in Alexander County NC it is a source of pride that it was the epicenter of American Made furniture manufacturing. Around the year 2000, a troubling trend started. Since then I have seen the continual decline of woodworking and furniture making in this county. Overpaid Furniture Executives decided to sell out their dedicated employees to whom they owed their success for an even higher profit margin. These factories simply closed their doors and sent our local jobs overseas.

People here used to have respectable furniture and machining jobs. Thanks to NAFTA, and most recently the Trans Pacific pact, many factories have left the United States and now rely on under paid employees and cheaply made material from foreign countries. You can imagine what this means for the quality of the merchandise. I ask, “who wants to order something meaningful from a bunch of low moral employees who care nothing about their job?”

horse-lovers-keepsakeI believe in a better way. I know here at Relic Wood the employees are cared about. They are dedicated to being as local as possible. Hierarchy in ordering goes as such, community, county, state, national. We pride ourselves on working directly with the customer. Cutting out the middle man ensuring great quality when it arrives from our doorstep to yours. I am very happy with the fact that we don’t mass produce anything. The constant change of artwork, keeps me interested in my work, and interested in the customer.

To sum all this up. I think America needs a major change in it’s work force. One in which the employees are treated as people trying make a life for themselves and their families. It is time for the American consumer to understand the value of “American Made” and appreciate a quality handcrafted product that is made to last a lifetime. It’s also time for companies to be proud to put a “Made In the USA” stamp on their product. Not simply because it was “made here” but because it is “Well Made Here”.

I say the change will come in the form of small companies just like Relic Wood who are dedicated to their product, customers, and employees. I hope when you receive your box, the pride we put into it shows.

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