In production this week . . .

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Sending out a special thank you to everyone who has ordered our handmade personalized wooden keepsakes. We love showing off our work while in production and once it’s completed.

This week we had a lot going on with a lot of different custom gifts. Congratulations to all who are retiring from serving our US military. It appears we had a lot of military trunks completed. These are quickly becoming our most popular item. You can customize the artwork on the front of the trunk and also the inside lid. Adding the optional sliding tray, felt shadowbox, challenge coin holder, and US Flag holder transforms this trunk into a perfect place to display your medals and memorabilia simply by opening the lid. Great for those who don’t like those tired old wall hanging shadowboxes and are looking for more room to put their military stuff.

Thank you US Military Veterans!

If you are looking for a beautiful unique and personalized US military gift we invite you to consider choosing ours to commemorate your service.

Each one is made just for you by hand right here in America. We work hard to provide a quality gift meant to become a family heirloom. That means we cut, assemble, stain, sand, seal, lacquer, hardware, and ship our gifts by hand. We know that means something to our military veterans.

If it means something to you, we invite you to look at our latest testimonials, and then tell your friends and family about what we do! Thanks!

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