In production Photo Gallery . . .

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Thank you for taking the time to visit our photo gallery of a few of the custom boxes we have in production this week. First off we would like to welcome Mark Wooten as our latest member of our production team. Mark has a long-standing background in the woodworking industry and takes great pride in building these custom boxes.

Custom Wooden Boxes in Production . . .

As you’ll notice in the photo gallery below, we had a wide range of orders and production this week everything from Santa Claus, to pirate treasure map keepsake boxes, to some of our unique US military retirement gifts. We even had an order for a custom offering plate for the church.

A great resource for inspiration!

Our weekly in production photo gallery is a great place to pull ideas about what you might like on your custom box or custom gift you plan to give for Christmas. We are also working diligently to replenish a few items that are out of stock such as Marine Corps keepsake boxes, Army keepsake boxes, Marine Corps ammo boxes, our unique East India trading Company tea box replicas, and our US flag boxes. We hope to have each of these back in soon as they are all currently in production. Feel free to order now to be the first in line as we fill our backorders first.