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custom-navy-chief-retirement-giftWe make each and every box we sell. Most times we are able to make suggestions to our custom clients based on thousands of previous custom boxes that we see that turn out incredible, as well as those that (due to the color of the artwork) may not look as good as others. Check out a huge photo gallery of completed boxes here.

We Recommend . . .

When putting your images or our own custom designs on wood, it is important to remember that the canvas we are working with is not “White”. The color of the wood we are working with always blends with the color of your custom artwork once it is embedded into the wood.  Darker colors like blues, purples, and greens almost always turn out EVEN darker once they are placed on wood as they merge with the light brown color of the wood. The color brown can also blend with the color of the wood if you go too light in the spectrum.

The exact color white does not show up at all during the sublimation process.

This is important to remember when submitting your artwork with things like white text, white wedding dresses, or anything white that has no texture to it as what you end up with is the light brown color of the wood in it’s place. It is good to keep this in mind on photos with clouds or dull skies in the background as well. Evidence of this can be seen in the photo below of the inside tray…

Bright and vivid colors in the yellow, orange, and red families can be a great way to make your artwork literally jump off our wood boxes, especially when contrasted with darker colors. This custom box we recently completed is a great example of what color can do for your next custom Relic Wood creation. Each and every custom wood box order is paired with an experienced graphic designer that will offer advice on this during the artwork approval process, so don’t be afraid to ask for their input on the matter too!