Only 7 weeks until Christmas!

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Christmas Gifts 2015

We know. 7 weeks sounds like a lot of time. In the custom wooden box business . . . it isn’t.

You might be surprised to know that we literally sold out of EVERY SINGLE ITEM we offered last Christmas. We were swamped with so many custom orders that we had to go to a 3-5 custom ship time and bent over backwards to make them all. After the custom deadline passed, every “In Stock” box we had in inventory quickly sold out within a matter of days. Everything we had was gone. Everything.

This year we are beginning to prepare for Christmas now.

We love making custom gifts that mean something special, and we love our loyal customers.

We have stocked up enough wood to be able to build close to 1,000 custom boxes, and are currently building over 500 boxes for stock with a wide variety of themes. While that may sound like a lot of boxes, truth of the matter is, many of our 50,000 monthly website visitors wait to order something special at Christmas time.

Let’s do the math. (50,000 x 12) / 1,500 = Not enough for everyone who wants one.

If you are planning on buying a custom gift for Christmas for the loved one in your life, we strongly recommend that you beat the Christmas Gift Rush and order as early as possible. From past experience, that means you need to order BEFORE December even rolls around to be sure you get one. We undoubtedly have the best Christmas gifts that will never be thrown away, and are put on display for the world to see.

Some people don’t believe what we are telling them and put it off. Don’t be that person come Christmas time.

Order early, get what you want for the special person in your life . . . without the risk of hearing, “I am so sorry, the deadline has passed to receive custom orders before Christmas.”