Oath Keepers – Project Sample

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oath-keepers-wooden-ammunition-boxIf there is one organization out there that we feel is doing the most good for the cause of liberty right now, it is the Oath Keepers.

As an American family owned business, Relic Wood LLC proudly supports the efforts of each and every Oath Keeper.  Every day, someone in the military, police, or elected official swears the Oath of Enlistment, Oath of Office, or the Officers Oath.

Without reading and understanding what is actually said in the United States Constitution, people who swear to support and defend it honestly don’t stand a chance of keeping that solemn oath.

This is where the Oath Keepers  organization shines. Though education the Oath Keepers shed a bright light on what each Oath Takers legal and moral duties are to fulfill that Oath. It does not have an expiration date.

To show our support, we have designed and created a hand made ammunition box sample featuring the Oath Keeper logos alongside the US Constitution. The inside lid also features Oath Keepers solemn members Oath to support and defend the US Constitution.

We have included pictures of it during production and cannot wait to show you the finished product. Our goal is to use our craftsmanship to provide the Oath Keepers organization with a hand made in America “gift” or “fundraising item” as incredible as their organization. Keep up the good work. If you are an Oath Keeper and want one for yourself, please contact your state chapter leadership and let them know.


Photos of the Oath Keepers sample during construction.