Our Manufacturing Process

maynard-workingGenuine Relic Wood products are handcrafted in the United States, utilizing time-honored techniques.

Extraordinary attention to detail goes into creating our vintage wood boxes. Our unique process starts with choice selected woods where each piece is cut to an exact size.

From here, artwork is embedded into the wood using a specialized sublimation process ensuring that your artwork won’t scratch off and will last a lifetime. It is then sealed and lacquered for the first time.

Each piece of wood is then precisely finger jointed to provide exceptional strength to the construction. Our genuine Relic Wood boxes are assembled completely by hand, and properly nailed together.

Our stunning wood color comes from being completely submerged in our stain bath. Each item is given plenty of time to absorb the stain. Upon removal, it is hand rubbed to remove any excess. To add a warm protective sheen, each item is sealed, sanded completely by hand, then evenly lacquered and allowed ample time to dry. The end result is an incredibly rich finish like no other.


Select products are finished with a wide assortment of beautiful hardware including stylish hinges, lockable clasps, leather handles and metal bottom studs. Each genuine Relic is then carefully packaged and covered to prevent damage while in transit to our customers. This ensures it’s timeless beauty when it arrives.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the person that has everything . . . they will greatly appreciate & surely remember getting a Genuine Relic Wood product.