I was ecstatic to see how beautiful it was!

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Testimonial by Dawn Kerns – When the Christian Flag Keepsake Box arrived, I was ecstatic to see how beautiful it was; even more beautiful than the picture. It was absolutely perfect for a very special gift I wanted to give my 27-year old nephew who was getting baptized in only two weeks. The engraving of his name and a message on the inside lid made it so personal, and it was done and arrived in time for the event. My nephew’s father passed away when he was 10 years old; they had been inseparable and I know how much he misses him. His father had given me and my husband a statuette of Mary and Jesus and I wanted to present it to him from his father on the day he was baptized. The box could not have been more perfect and when the lid was raised and he read the inscription inside the lid, it brought tears. Thank you so much for making the gift so very special and in such a short amount of time.