I KNOW he will absolutely LOVE it!

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Testimonial  by Stephanie Steinhauser – I stumbled upon this website as I was searching the internet trying to find something where my husband can store all of his challenge coins he’s received throughout his years of service with the Border Patrol. There is not much out there for government agencies, all I could find was military memorabilia. And boy, am I thrilled to have come across this company!
I purchased the Border Patrol keepsake box for my husband as a Christmas gift. He has not yet received it but I almost cannot wait to give it to him. I KNOW he will absolutely LOVE it! And here’s why..The craftsmanship is breathtaking. Real wood that you can literally smell as you open the box, and the leather straps with the metal hardware throughout. As well as the removable shelf that’s inside the box are all a nice touches. The box itself is a decent size. Plenty of room to store virtually anything in. Like knives and a few handguns.
I love how customizable this is. I opted in for the etched brass plate and it’s the real deal. No plastic here.
Just a suggestion for the company down the road, maybe add an option to have the top of the box be real leather with the branded emblem. I would of definitely paid an extra $100 for that. Not sure if that would be cost effective for you or if you could even ship that to other countries due to customs laws.
And this is not me saying the top piece with the emblem is not beautiful. 😉
But I digress.
Overall, this piece of artwork is outstanding. A great way to store memorabilia or anything in as I stated before. I also love that this made in the USA!
Thank you again for the fast and secure shipping and I have shared your company to everyone!