How to be a Gifting Hero.

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The secret of how to be a gifting hero? Everyone knows that ANY gift will be well received when unwrapped (by anyone with manners), but are they being genuine or faking it? It totally depends on the gift. Not necessarily the amount of money spent on the gift, but what the gift is. Here is our simple advice to follow to be a great gift giver.

1. Great gift givers NEVER wait until the last minute.

Waiting until the last minute usually means that getting something CUSTOM MADE is out of the question. Now they have to spend a lot of money on a gift to really “WOW” someone. In most cases, this is to make up for the lack of poor planning. Custom orders at Relic Wood take 2-3 weeks to build and ship. Our unique custom gifts do not disappoint and they will have always have sentimental value.

2. The gift should MEAN something to the recipient.
Great gifts stand the test of time. Think back on gifts that you have been given in the past and ask yourself, “Where are they now?”. If you don’t know exactly then it may have meant something at the time, but now it is gone.  Here is an example. Your task is to buy a special gift for your sister’s newborn baby. Logic says buy baby clothes, diapers, wipes, etc. Don’t do it! Logical gifts are soon used up, outgrown, or tossed aside.

Gifting Heroes think lifetime. A personalized gift with the newborn baby stats such as name, weight, time of birth, etc. that is also functional such as storage is something that will NEVER be thrown away. In fact, if it is well made, then most likely it would be passed down to their children one day.

3. Have a reliable resource to buy QUALITY gifts from.

superheroJust because something is personalized, does not mean that it is well made. Coffee mugs break, mouse pads wear out, and t-shirts fade. Fact is, most internet stores who personalize things are buying cheap container loads of poorly made junk from overseas. You know what I am talking about. Now you have bought a personalized piece of junk that is just as likely to end up in the trash.Gifts that are handcrafted in the USA and made out of quality materials will always have the most WOW factor. Quality can be seen and felt and is sure to impress and often will make others in the room jealous that they do not have one. You will know you are on the right track as a Gifting Hero when the next question out of someone’s mouth is  . . . “Where did you get that?”

Pretty simple huh? It is not a coincidence that Relic Wood is becoming the company of choice for true Gifting Heroes. We are a Veteran owned American Family business who genuinely cares about our customers. We want to make something special for you that is made well and that ships on time. Before you know it, people will be looking with anticipation when they open up a special gift from you in the future. They know you gift the good stuff.


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