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genuine-relicPeople often wonder what it means to be a Genuine Relic Wood product. There are many important distinctions.  We think the best one is that our products are made by hand here in the USA. We carefully select the beautiful woods used to create our wooden treasures.

All of our embossed printing is done the old fashioned way. Wood pieces that will have designated artwork are sent through our Vintage 1930’s era Hooper Press. Our press is used to stamp the ink and artwork into the wood. This provides for a long lasting impression right into the wood. As far as we know, it is the only one in existence that is still operational. Artwork that is not embossed is embedded into the wood with a sublimation process.

Genuine Relic Wood Products are made the same way the vintage antiques of yesterday with extraordinary attention to detail to produce true vintage reproductions. Our Genuine Relic beverage cases feature rolled steel strapping and oval headed barbed nails using the vintage 1930’s equipment. No other box can even come close to comparing to our time honored techniques that are true to the era.

More distinctive traits you will find in a Genuine Relic product is our beautiful finishing hardware. When you put your hands on our boxes, take notice of the stunning hinges, hasps, and handles to complete each wood box we make. Each item is submerged in our massive stain bath then hand rubbed to bring out the unique wood grains found only in genuine relic boxes.

Finding a great gift is hard, unless you know where to look. If you are searching for the perfect gifts for any occasion, there are two key ideas to keep in mind. First, you want to get your someone special a gift they will remember. Second you want to get them something functional that they can also appreciate. Show them how much you care with a Genuine Relic product from Relic Wood LLC.

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