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Testimonial by Bill Gillespie – USAF Retired

“Relic Wood’s keepsake box is the perfect military retirement, or end of tour, gift especially since it can be personalized. Instead of putting military memorabilia in an old shoe box, it is ideal for storing items such as rank insignia, unit patches, shoulder boards, medal boxes, specialty or organization badges, uniform ribbons, certificates, etc.etc.

We purchased a box for our son as a gift on his retirement from the Air Force. I personalized it by (1) listing his assignments on the inside of the lid; and, (2) including his final rank, specialty and organization badges, uniform ribbons, and selected unit patches on the tray. One type of personalization that I considered, but did not include, was a progression of rank insignia from lowest to highest.

CAUTION: Make sure your personalizations are correct before you authorize Relic Wood to put your box into production – once printed on the wood, it is permanent and can’t be changed. I am retired from the Air Force and thought I was smart enough to have everything right only to quickly learn that I had one date wrong and was missing 2 oak leaf clusters on our son’s ribbons. Thanks to both Drew and Micah, they were able to correct my errors before our box went into final production. Even though I deserved to be called “dummy,” Micah and Drew were always courteous and understanding.

They are extremely customer/satisfaction oriented – the best I have encountered. GREAT PEOPLE; A GREAT VALUE and A FANTASTIC PRODUCT!”

– Bill

About this custom USAF retirement gift –

One of the best parts of our job is getting to meet new people. Most people who haven’t ordered with us don’t realize the work that goes into designing a custom military retirement keepsake box.

Bill was an all around great guy to talk to, and had done his homework and had all the images found and arranged for us before he ordered. We utilized our graphic design skills to add a few oak leaf clusters to medals that weren’t in the original image he sent and used a tight grid to make sure the sizes and alignment were correct.

We were both VERY lucky that his son pointed out a few corrections that needed to be made before it was put into production. The changes were to a date on the inside lid and a few clusters that were missing. It is a great idea to triple check your artwork proofs before you put your stamp of approval on them. Usually, with an hour or so after we get your approval, we use our specialized sublimation process to embed the images into the wood. Once they are in, it is a done deal and cannot be changed.

Bill chose our Custom Air Force keepsake footlocker and customized the inside lid and tray. The tray serves as a beautiful shadowbox, while the inside lid lists career milestones and achievements in chronological order. The brass nameplate brought it all together. Now his son who is retiring from the Air Force has a custom gift sure to become a family heirloom. Thank you so much for the kind comments, Bill! We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We are extremely customer satisfaction oriented and go the extra mile for our US Military Veterans. It was great working with you and believe us, you were great to work with and no dummy. We can’t wait to see your next order come in for custom Christmas gifts!