“I love my chest and would recommend to anyone.”

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Testimonial by Gemini King, US Army Retired – 

“My wife ordered me the Army Retirement Trunk with a custom tray as a retirement gift. Micah worked with her to get the order exactly how we wanted it. We uploaded a picture for all of the awards, medals, patches, rank, etc. and Drew perfectly placed it all.

I love my chest and would recommend Relic Wood to anyone who wants a product that they make! Thank you for a job well done.”

About this Custom Military Gift

We were honored to create this one of a kind US Army retirement gift. This was the first US Army version we had ever made.

This particular one was unique as this veteran’s wife opted not to include the US flag holder but instead chose to place a plexiglass cover on top of the medals while leaving the coin holder exposed so that each challenge coin could be handled.

The proud tradition of the Signal Corps is highlighted on the custom artwork on the inside lid as well as the retiree’s name rank and service dates. We also had the honor of pinning the medals into the shadow box according to the customers arrangement that they sent us.

Hats off to Gemini’s wife as she pioneered cutting a piece of cardboard to the size of the tray and pinning the medals the way she wanted all while making sure that they would fit into the dimensions of the felt shadowbox.

Thanks to her, we now recommend to everyone using our medal pinning service that they follow her lead. We wish Gemini the best retirement has to offer and every happiness.

We appreciate your service and sacrifices defending our liberty!

Gemini unwrapping his military retirement gift!



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