Sincere Gratitude to Champion VFD Fire Chief Craig Hollar

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ChampionVFD-Box-01Everyone at Relic Wood would like to take a moment to offer our sincere gratitude to Fire Chief Craig Hollar for his countless hours of dedicated service in the Champion NC community.

So many people, in their hour of greatest need, depend on the Champion NC Fire Department volunteers to show up fast and be prepared to deal with sometimes unimaginable situations.

Chief Hollar makes sure they are ready, armed with the skills they need through vigorous training  to provide honorable and timely service to the Champion community.

We are greatly honored that our Relic Wood, handcrafted in America, “First In, Last Out” wooden keepsake box was chosen for a personalized gift this Christmas.


About Fire Chief Craig Hollar


Chief Hollar, a lifetime firefighter, began his career as a young volunteer at the Champion NC Volunteer Fire Department. In addition to his long commitment as a volunteer with Champion, Craig also became a full-time paid firefighter in Greensboro NC, and also later earned his Fire Instructor certification through the Office of the State Fire Marshall.

Testimonial by Volunteer Firefighter Captain C. Breden.

“This is Chief Hollar’s second year leading our fire department – always pushing us to be safer, better, and more efficient through training. The look on Craig’s face as he unwrapped his gift was priceless!

There is no doubt this wooden box was perfect as a gift for someone who has given so much. American Made was the icing on the cake!

We wanted a unique Christmas gift for Fire Chief Craig Hollar at the Champion Volunteer Fire Department. I came across these handcrafted keepsake wooden boxes and wondered whether we could customize one for our chief.

Turns out we were able to submit our fire department logo, and with the help of their design team, Relic Wood delivered an incredible finished box that was made here in America, with a personalized name plate, artwork, leather handles, and all. “