Additions to our Standard Products

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Are you running short on time trying to purchase a US Military Retirement Gift? Standard-Air-Force-Keepsake-With-Shadowbox

If you enjoy our custom military retirement gifts but need something quickly we have an alternative for you. Our custom gifts usually take 3 to 5 weeks to ship, but we keep our standard military gifts in stock at all times. If you find yourself short of time you may want to think about adding additions to one of our standard items.


Get a Custom Military Gift quicker than you thought!

For instance, you now have the option to take one of our standard military keepsake boxes, add a shadow box insert to the inside lid, and a flag box in the bottom and you have yourself a custom military gift. Next add a brass nameplate that will set the gift off! These are additions that can be done relatively quick and we can still have your order shipped out within a few days.

Just add the shadowbox addition and/or flag holder to your standard Keepsake box and we will do the rest!

A shadow box is the perfect way to accent one of our Military Keepsake Boxes, the recipient can display what they are most proud of for the rest of their lives. These boxes are built very heavy duty and will last for years and years to come.

We have many customers that call us wanting a custom gift but are running short on time. So we try and make suggestions that will give them a very unique gift that will still get to them in time for the special occasion. Keep in mind that the more additions to a custom military gift the longer it will take to ship, but shipping in a few days is much better than a few weeks if you’re in a tight spot.

Don’t forget that our standard military gifts are still constructed the same way as our custom gifts they just have our standard artwork. Every single product that comes out of our factory is one hundred percent handmade in America! If you have any questions about customizing one of our standard products just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!